Friday, November 23, 2012


So, not content with the spoils of Konstanz, last Thursday I decided to take it up a gear and have myself an adventure in Stuttgart. Now as excited as I was to get to there, had I had the option of going back to bed at 5am I would have gladly taken it. I have to stop going on trips that revolve around 7am buses as I'm sure the sound of me blundering around the apartment before dawn isn't something my flatmates enjoy waking up to.
Now my intention was to go back to sleep on the bus pretty much immediately, unfortunately not everyone agreed....initially. Don't worry, they eventually came around to my way of thinking. Upon arrival in Baden-Wurttemberg's  Hauptstadt we made our way to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. I had reached paradise, or at least a shiny highly polished version of paradise full of vintage roadsters....and the Pope-Mobile, so If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas.

(Photos courtesy of Rory and Rhys. I most definitely asked permission..)

The New Castle - Stuttgart

We emerged from the museum to a very cold and grey Stuttgart. The cold part became a major factor in the latter part of our day as we spent it wandering around the city. It wasn't so much a guided tour as 'oh that looks interesting lets look at that for a while'. We opted to have our wander narrated in German not because we wanted to challenge ourselves but because the translator was a lot like Google translate, she had the right idea but it wasn't quite decipherable. Her efforts were still appreciated.
I must say, even though you probably associate it more with industry Stuttgart is an incredibly beautiful city.

So there we are in the capital city of Baden-Wurttemberg with a hour and a half to ourselves to do whatever we wish, we can go see anything in the entire city! We spent it in Starbucks. Like I said, it was cold.
We did however manage to warm up considerably once we  got into the 'Landestag' or Parliament of Baden-Wurttemberg. We sat in on a discussion about care for the elderly and afterward got to speak with a man from the Green Party. I will be honest and admit that this is the point where I began to think about chips. It was this thought that kept me going on the 2 and a half hour journey home and just like children after a school tour we rounded the day off with a trip to McDonald's. All was well.

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