Thursday, November 8, 2012


Until today I hadn't intended on writing a post on homesickness simply because it hasn't played a major role in my. as I've decided to call it 'Konstanz Life'. As I may have mentioned once...possibly twice.... I absolutely love it here. The place, the people, the socializing, the......ahem.....academics, everything. It's already one of the best experiences of my life and we're only 2 months in.

Now obviously it was a very different story before I got here. Even the thoughts of leaving was enough to have me a blubbering mess. (Soon the thoughts of going home will have a similar effect but that's a whole other post) Of course the first two weeks were pretty tough. During the day I held things together pretty well but once I closed my bedroom door I was pretty inconsolable, just ask my poor Mother.
My advice? Meet people.

For me it just started off with small talk with people in my class, general boring 'had we homework?' kind of stuff but this led to socializing and general funtimes. Soon homesickness wasn't an issue. Obviously I miss my family and friends (even though they tend to ignore me for FIFA 13 and Halo 4, you know who you are) and cannot wait for them to come and visit, but in my day to day activities I don't dwell on home.

So what got me thinking of home today you may ask? Well a handwritten letter is enough reason for someone to feel a little homesick, right?

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