Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've As Much Chance Of Being A Spy As A Satsuma

So on Sunday I turned 20.
Pretty unremarkable I'm sure you'll agree and I wasn't expecting any major celebrations. Just a few drinks or something. Did my fellow ERASMUS students agree? Oh hell no!

They began their scheming. To a worrying degree. Facebook groups were formed, messages were exchanged and it was decided when everybody was going to go to town. Everything was running perfectly fine until this Gobs*ite right here decides to get the same bus. Now I saw nothing, absolutely nothing, but apparently I cut about 5 years off their lives. What can I say I'm nothing if I'm not COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS.

Now hindsight is a powerful tool. As I sit here typing this I have to ask myself how I didn't suspect anything. Everybody was acting incredibly strange. All morning. Alice's horrified expression when I arrived at the door being a prime example. Also being dragged out for a walk in the snow was slightly odd too, but it lead to some nice photos.

Upon arrival back at base this is what awaited me:

To say I was shocked and delighted is an understatement. Granted I can now never trust anyone again but it most definitely for the best of reasons. 

So thank you Orla, Kiara, Ivan, Rory, Ashton Alice, Katie, Wes Phoebe, Sean, Judith Rhys and anyone else who had a hand in this for giving me a Birthday I really won't forget in a hurry.

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  1. <3
    Maybe five years was an exaggeration on my part ;)