Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Unnecessary Confusion

Now don't get me wrong, this post isn't me slamming on the Uni. I understand that there is a lot to deal with behind the scenes. I know that there's plenty going on and an immeasurable number of problems to fix but I would have thought that rule number one would most definitely to be communicate your message clearly and without delay.
I shall explain..

There have been quite a few incidents of unnecessary confusion and stress due to apparent bureaucratic errors.
1. ID Cards: We were informed that our student ID cards would be ready to collect on Tuesday September 25th. They weren't. We were then informed that they would most definitely be ready to collect on the Friday. Again, no joy and 2 weeks later, still nothing. The frustrating part, no ID card = no student number. No student number = no registering for seminars. Granted this isn't the end of the world as there is an whole other semester to register for but plans have been seriously thrown out. It also makes travelling on the bus with a student ticket much more difficult.
2. Banking Errors: This has been the biggest source of stress in  my life for the past 2 weeks. The morning I leave to go home I get a letter stating that my deposit of €500 hadn't been paid. Now that's a worrying thing to hear at the best of times. You can imagine how I took it at 4am after an hours sleep right before I headed back to Ireland for 10 days. Yeah, not well. Cue a barrage of emails and phonecalls and general panic hoping I would actually have a place to come back to. I got a message yesterday stating that everything was in Ordnung. Yay place to live!
However, dear reader in the past week I have had to deal with not 1 banking mishap but two. I was contacted stating that I had not paid the €58 contribution. An issue that has yet to be but will hopefully be resolved. Hopefully.
3.Incorrect Information: Fairly simple I would have thought, tell the students when the term starts. Apparently not. The college website posted that lectures were starting on Monday (yesterday). They weren't. They are infact, as a few extremely disgruntled students who had made the trip to the Uni were informed, beginning next Monday.

I know that these were just mistakes and no one is to blame but my god did it lead to unnecessary stress.
Hopefully next week will be like a Summer's breeze.....I highly doubt it.

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  1. I was going to blog about this too, then I decided that as long as the buses run on time, I can cope with anything Konstanz throws at me ;)