Saturday, October 27, 2012

So I'm Back In College

So I have just realized that in just over a week I will have been living in Germany for (the majority of) 2 months, which is, by anyone's logic, quite a substantial amount of time.
I have also realized, to my horror, that the ERASMUS programme is conducted for the academic enrichment of the students taking part. I had forgotten this fact until I was (literally) rudely awakened on Monday morning.
I have officially returned to studying, essays and deadlines. Oh happy days.

I kid, I kid. Though I'm not crazy about being back to the books I must admit the modules I've decided to take seem pretty interesting. I'm particularly looking forward to 'The Political System of Germany' and with any look I won't be one of the 20% of failing ERASMUS students that we were informed about within the first 20 minutes of the opening lecture. Sometimes optimism can be a little difficult...
The language course also seen like they'll be worth their weight in gold. Who knows, by the end of this year I might actually be able to speak some German.

Of course for all of you at home the beginning of College only means one thing, Freshers Week. A week of madness, mishaps and general mayhem. Unfortunately this years Freshers Fest was for me incredibly tame to the extent of being non-existent. We attended some introductory lectures and that was pretty much it. From my experience to date there's no Students Union to the extent we have at home which means no clubs societies day. A massive shame considering that's usually where I do my annual stationery shop. We did have a party organized for us for the following Monday but I think all I'll say about that is I did the Irish stereotype proud. Very very proud.

To conclude: Am I happy to be back in College? Yes and no. Am I going to enjoy College in Konstanz? I think so Yes. Am I going to become the responsible student I ought to be? Who knows!

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