Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Day Of 'Real' College

So I have just returned from my first official day of College.

I will take this opportunity to be honest. Yesterday, the idea of becoming re-acquainted  with my academic life was nothing short of soul shatteringly depressing.
I mean seriously considering running away with the circus depressing.

However studying aside, which tends to happen to me quite often, the Uni itself is amazing. It's quite a bit smaller than home which made up for the fact that trying to find your lecture hall is on par with undertaking a quest through a labyrinth.
The fact that classes are at least 90 minutes will also take a bit of adjusting to. It may just mean that my in-class power naps have been extended.

Oh yeah, the most wonderful part? I've a 4 day week. Jealous much?

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