Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Merry Trip to München

I have been writing, rewriting and editing this post in an attempt to capture what it was like to attend Oktoberfest in Munich pretty much since I got back. I have however come to the conclusion that it would be an impossible feat to do it justice.
It went without a hitch considering it was a relatively spur of the moment decision. We got the 07:20 bus to Munich. It was truly incredible to see the world at that time of the morning, a sight not commonly seen by us student types. Once on board my fellow thirsty companions and I settled in for a 3 and a half hour conversation only interrupted by falling asleep.
Upon arrival we were, for the briefest of moments unsure of where to go, until we saw lots of men in Lederhosen. Following them was probably a safe bet, and sure enough it was as we were greeted by this:

As you can probably guess I knew I was off to a good start....and things got even better when this happened:

In conclusion, Oktoberfest is incredible. I mean completely astounding. The fact that everybody dresses up in small leather pants or long aproned dresses to spend the the day drinking and enjoying a day of general merriment is something that is quite unparallelled as far as I've seen. If any of you ever get the opportunity to go, and I sincerely hope you do, grab it with both hands!
Oh and before you ask I did get suckered into buying one of the many pieces items on sale (exclusively to trap unsuspecting tourists like ourselves):

After our adventures we made our slow (and for me wobbly) way back to the bus. I wish to use this forum to make an apology and issue a thank you. As I tend to wander off on a good day I wish to thank my companions for shouting me back in the right direction, I also wish to apologize to my new friend who had the displeasure of sitting next to me on the bus. Expect apology tea and gingerbread.

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