Saturday, September 22, 2012


And a lot of it!
Oh glory days.

It has been pretty darn hot here over the last few days. Though I have been reliably informed: Winter is Coming.
I am writing this this entry as a means of procrastination, and for the love I bear for all my loyal readers. Obviously.
What are you procrastinating from I hear you ask? A presentation, dear reader.
I know. I have been here 11 days and it's already done 3 tests and am now preparing for a presentation. Hows that for putting you through your paces! These Germans don't mess around. All in all I'm enjoying the language class, as of yet I'm unsure if it was worth the €250 I paid for it but time will tell!

I've been meeting so many weird and wonderful characters! Everyone here is so crazy and so nice. I have yet to meet a genuinely nasty person.

Lots coming up in the next few days. Expect updates!

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