Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Furstenberg Funtimes!

So Thursday we went on a brewery tour. For €10 it was a bit of an oul bargain.

All us international students gathered around thirsty for.....knowledge into the exquisite art that is beer making.
I elected for the Furstenburg brewery in the Schwarze Wald over the Rothaus brewery. My reasoning? They both make alcohol so who gives a flying fudge where we go.
We boarded the train right here in Konstanz, full of anticipation only to be forced to prematurely disembark due to the minor issue of us boarding the wrong train. It really brought the phrase 'couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery' to life.
Once we were finally on our way the journey was actually quite pleasant. The town of Donaueschingen was a very pleasant place, though admittedly who wants to sight see with a free bar on the horizon?

So we arrived. We saw (a brief history of beer making) and we conquered....baskets of pretzels.

 It was a very pleasant trip, one I would highly, HIGHLY recommend. Though I'm sure if you went you wouldn't have to resort to drinking a crate of beer in a park after polishing off the brewery bar's daily allowance...

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