Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Week Tomorrow.

About that frequent update thing, I lied.
Things have been crazy, I mean really crazy!
We arrived last Monday after a 2 hour plane ride from Dublin to Zurich and an hour and a half from Zurich to Konstanz so you can imagine the only thing I wanted to do was fall asleep however in true Irish fashion we located the nearest Irish pub and 'went for one'. During the course of 'going for one' we were offered a job. Point to Germany, definitely.
We were moving into our flats on Tuesday but of course they had to some form of difficulty. A water pipe had burst in my room and now instead of living with fellow ERASMUS students I live in a basement with 4 native Germans but they speak English too so it's not awful. I'm adjusting now though I do feel pretty out of place here. I hope that dies down over time.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were in College for language classes. I was put in a higher level which was a major self confidence boost and already I can feel myself learning new things everyday I just reall really need to start speaking more German.
Bonding with out fellow ERASMUS students is a major thing here and I must say it's alot of fun! Thursday we did a crazy dash around the city with people we had never spoken to before followed by a pub crawl. It's a great place to get chatting to people, even if you can't quite remember their name the next morning.
Yesterday we took a trip to Meersburg which is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! See for yourself. 

I met the most people here, just wandering around. I forced myself out of my comfort zone and made sure I mixed with different groups and feel so much better for it.

Well that's the brief synopsis of my adventures thus far, what's gonna happen next week? You'll know as soon as I do!

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