Monday, January 21, 2013

A Few Words Of Advice In A Time Of Crisis

So I innocently logged on to check the news at home as I do every morning and was horrified to find Ireland in the grips of a major crisis. No, not the financial crisis, this is much more terrifying. Much more sinister. It snowed.
Now for the last few days everyone at home has been watching with bated breath as our dear neighbors in Britain struggled to cope with this major upheaval in their lives. Well now dear friends it's your turn.

But Claire, I hear you cry, you deal not with our struggles. Well friend, I myself find myself in a similar position of fear and uncertainty. Why, as I gaze out my window the powdery white menace creeps ever closer.
It was that fear that pushed me into imparting these tips upon you so that if I become overwhelmed by the enemy you may escape and go on to live a full and enriched life.

  • Stock up: Canned food is your new best friends. You have no idea when you'll be able to reach civilization once more.
  • Hibernate: It may be the easiest way to ride out the storm
  • Say goodbye to your loved ones
  • If the unthinkable happens and you must leave the house. Layer. Set 16 layers as a minimum and work from there
  If you have managed to read this far then I will attempt to alleviate your fear,
if living in Germany has thought me one thing it's that a fall of snow doesn't have to end life as we know it.

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