Monday, June 10, 2013

...'Cos It's A Lovely Sunny Day'

So the sun (and some very dodgy tan lines) temporarily arrived in Konstanz.

Now being from the rainier part of Europe it's been long engrained into my psyche to never ever waste a moment of sunshine. This has caused  issues. The main one being I have oh so much academic work to do (who would have guessed) and unfortunately my brain has decided to go into sleepy holiday mode. This is a problem. A second problem is copious amounts of ice-cream and my ever expanding waistline but that's a whinge for another time.

So how have I been spending my time I hear you ask. I think spending the greater part of of a 27 degree Saturday afternoon lying by the lake and going for the occasional dip is a pretty well utilised day in the sun, is it not?
Also barbecues. Lots of barbecues.

Basically this was partly me saying 'HA. Sun. F*ck you guys.' partly a post to buy me time until I've something worthwhile to post about again. (You can never say I'm not honest)
Unfortunately the next one is probably going to be something deep and philosophical. I know, ewwwww feelings.
Bis dann!

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