Monday, July 9, 2012

Stress (and lots of it)

Dearest reader.
ERASMUS preparations are hard, I mean really REALLY hard.
I, in my blissful ignorance believed everything was the hunkiest of dories, but alas this was not the case.
The troubles started when everyone else who is going to Konstanz got their admission e-mail and I got nada, zip, f*ck all.
Then came a week of unanswered E-mails, phones ringing out and general frustration. I can tell you that, in my personal experience at least, trying to contact my host University was a major pain.
I eventually got the issue cleared up when I got onto the person in charge of Outgoing Students from my University. She apparently has some kind of magic powers because she got a reply within 24 hours stating that there was an issue with my E-Mail address. An issue I wasn't going to be told about apparently. Next thing I know I got my E-mail. Amazing how it was magically fixed isn't it.
In short, bureaucracy is a b*tch.

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